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Sasuke Uchiha (Uchiha SasukeL also called a fictitious character) name sasuke comes from the name of a legendary ninja, who really existed in ancient times in Japan, which is Sarutobi Sasuke. Meanwhile, last name, "Uchiha" is read as "uchiwa", or "paper fan" (fan made of paper). At the time of ancient Japan, paper fans are often used in royal ceremonies, or used to protect soldiers from attack arrows. But according to the philosophy of Naruto comics, "uchiwa" is a fan that could rekindle the embers into flame, which describes the ability of the Uchiha clan can menggemblang their descendants became a great ninja.

Sasuke has a dark past, when she was little, the whole family and his clan had been slaughtered. and that the actor massacre, is Sasuke's brother.

hhummm sasuke! you look more sadistic in cosplay, anime characters instead ( "" o)! Great Job.

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