Awesome Nico Robin Cosplay

One Piece Nico Robin Cosplay
, Nico Robin has a very calm nature, she is also intelligent and very skilled in Archaeology. but when Lufi rescue Robin from Enes lobby, robin finally could not stand and cryin :D, I guess everyone knows, if the characters in onepeace, not perhaps imitated exactly ^ ^ ".

As well as the robin, he has a nose that different from normal human Lol, you know what I mean. but this cosplayer still look very similar to Robin that I imagine, without having the same nose. she looks pretty and smart ... and also looks very calm.

I really like this picture, coz this Awesome Nico Robin Cosplay, without a lot of photo effects she has been very similar to the robin which I imagine ^ ^. This cosplay is really cool, I found this picture on Deviant art, the cosplayer name is Lady Noa.

Ummmm .... sorry if my assessment is too much :p, it's just myopinion ^ ^. enjoy it!.

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