Code Geass Euphemia cosplay by Saya

After the previous post I've Saya with Rinoa Heartilly cosplay, now Saya wearing costumes of Euphemia from Code Geass, actually I have not read the manga from Code Geass yet, I've given up looking for this comic. I have never found it *lol*. many ppl said this Manga has a good story (it is makes me want to read it :3),I've compared this photo cosplay with a picture of this anime version, and as the result, waww, Saya really fit with Euphemia, her beauty, and she also looks older. if Code Geass made to Live movie, I think Saya very suitable as Euphemia ^^. I find lot of her photos, but mostly in small size ... so I just post a few that have a good picture quality. Thank you again for Saya-chan ^^ for this great cosplay...This is really beautiful cosplay. I love it!!

Well, by the way about Adult, after seeking to know about the biography of Saya, what I get is .... Saya is a Japanese adult film actress!? I do not know if it is a different Saya!! >.<" but I do not get any other information about her, I hope anyone have any idea who this Saya is. Please Leave Comment!!!

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