Dynasty Warrior Cosplay : Beautiful Diao Chan Cosplay

Dynasty Warrior Cosplay : Beautiful Diao Chan Cosplay 
Dynasty Warriors is one of my favorite games, and now I play Dynasty Warrior Online from Aeria games, Diao is a subordinate female characters from Dong Zuo and love of Lu Bu, Diao very pretty 19-year-old woman  with a height 168 cm (5'6 ") and she's a dancing maiden in the kingdom Dong Zuo.

This Dynasty Warrior Cosplay I found from Cosfantasy, and I think the site was not updated anymore since 2009, beautiful Diao Chan Dynasty Warrior Cosplay, and very fitting with the image of a  beautiful Dance Maiden Diao Chan, unfortunately I did not find any cosplayer name, and the original owner of this Dynasty Warrior Cosplay photo.great work!! >.< i hope i can find another her photo.

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