Gundam SEED Destiny Meer Campbell Cosplay By Cute Cosplayer Kipi

Gundam SEED Destiny Meer Campbell Cosplay  By Cute Cosplayer Kipi 
Kipi is the other queen of cosplay ^ ^ ".  I like Kipi cosplay photo, and I've post  her cosplay photo before, like the Black RockShooter.
And now kipi wear costumes of Meer Campbell from GundamSEED Destiny, she looks cute and fit as Meer Campbell, well ...she's always look fit with any costume =.=". and she also looks cute with a Meer Campbell bikini ^^, though I can't recall Meer wearing a bikini in the series.

Kipi is a professional cosplayer and have a lot of cosplay photos, I think people who like cosplay definitely know her xD. there's even a website for fans of Kipi :D, and the next time, I wanted to post another cosplay photo of her, I hope you guys enjoy this! and please leave a comments ^ ^.

Please note, most of these photographs found on the internet, I post them without intending to claim as mine.
although I added the name of the character and the cosplayer in the picture. Love Cosplay!!

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