Ichigo 100% Satsuki Kitaoji cute japanese girl cosplay.

Ichigo 100% Satsuki Kitaoji cute japanese girl cosplay.
I've posted two beautiful girls in Ichigo 100% (Toujo Aya and Nishino Tsukasa) and now is the third girl, and no less beautiful, Kitaoji Satsuki, she is different from Nishino and Aya, Satsuki slightly tomboyish, fierce, and the type of offensive girl .

First time met Manaka Junpei, Satsuki throws Junpei camera into the river, because of mistaken accidentally touched her breast Lol, when they both fell to the side of the river (actually not intentionally). who turned out they were both classmates, after some events Satsuki starting to like Manaka, (I guess I really hate the lucky guy like Manaka Junpei >.<) and even worse Junpei shot by Satsuki on the roof of his school xD. Damn!!.

well, actually I'm having trouble finding cosplay photo of Satsuki, which fits with which i imagined.
most Satsuki cosplayer beautiful but less fierce impression. but at last I found these three pictures, this is really cool, besides shes beautiful, but she also seemed a bit grumpy and tomboyish. This is perfect cosplay^ ^.

this suck ... again I do not get information about the cosplayer, almost all site of this Photo has been moved or deleted. i found this image from forum, too bad >. <, well just enjoy it... and dont forget to leave a comment ^^. Perfect Cosplay!!

Please note, most of these photographs found on the internet, I post them without intending to claim as mine.
although I added the name of the character and the cosplayer in the picture. Love Cosplay!!

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