Street Fest 2010 Great Kuroko Shirai Cosplay of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun by KiroStroy

Street Fest 2010 Great Kuroko Shirai Cosplay of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun by KiroStroy
well ...i got this picture from cosplay, u can check that site for other photo, I'd post the cosplay of Misaka Mikoto by Midori Kanda before. that was cool cosplay, and this time cosplay photo of Kuroko Shirai turn, actually Misaka Mikoto also exist in this cosplay photo, but I think the most dominant on this photo is Kuroko Shirai ^^

This picture was taken when the cosplay festival in the Plaza Singapore, called StreetFest 2010. Kuroko Shirai cosplayer by angelryn, and Misaka Mikoto by Hatake-Boy they both look very cool, and Kuroko Shirai look more cute than I imagined ^^.shirai Kuroko have the ability to teleport, within range of 81-85 meters, and weighing no more than 130-137kg, lot thing I want to do if i have such This capabilities  3:) photograph by KiroStory. great job!

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