Rave Cosplay - Cute Elie (Rave Master) Cosplay by Kokona

I don't follow this anime series anymore, I just watched it while still in high school, but I still remember what Elie figure look like, and this Elie Cosplay by Kokona, looks very cute and also very much like the original Elie image in my head, Kokona indeed very fitting with Elie Cosplay Costume, I think Kokona not too much wear costume in this Elie Cosplay photo, he's only wearing shirt from Elie Cosplay Costume, and her skirts I feel just normal short skirts, she has a Anime face (u know what i mean ^^") and she has same body posture with Elie, Kokona very fit to Elie (i hope everyone agree >.<), I guess she also did not wear a wig too >.< I love her haircut! and the "Pluu" dolls (PLU is the name of Lucy Heartfilia Spirit in Fairy tail, I do not know what the name of this creature in Rave =.=") make this Elie Cosplay photo look more cute.

Elie is a girls who does not have any memories, including his name.Elie is the name taken from a tattoo that reads "3173", which when read that reverse reads "Elie". Elie is the owner of her own strength Etherion but Elie does not understand how to control it and as Rave Master Haru managed to seal these Etherion strength. i got this Elie Cosplay Photo from http://cosplay.lightchan.com, its cute Elie Cosplay Photo!

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