Another DOA Cosplay Kipi's Kasumi Cosplay

Kasumi is one of the main character in Dead Or Alive franchise, and has a very important role, Kasumi is a Kunoichi who won DOA first tournament and then captured by Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee (DOATEC), to be made a clone of Kasumi and called Kasumi alpha. Kasumi is a Kunoichi who has a body that is very sexy and beautiful too, She has since changed from a very popular sex symbol in gaming, Just like the other girls in the franchise, Kasumi was Designed by Tomonobu Itagaki to have a buxom figure (her official measurements 35-21-33 acres).When asked if he was fine with "sexualizing" a 17-year-old girl, he Answered: "In Japan, that's okay. Maybe it's 20 in America." [4]Asked about Ayane and Kasumi, Itagaki said: "The basic concept of Ninja Gaiden was very hard-edged, but Kasumi is very soft.

Well ... this is another Kasumi Cosplay Photo by Kipi, I already posted some Kasumi Cosplay Photo by Kipi before, and this is the rest of that, actually before I was not going to post this picture, because too many people in the background of this Kasumi Cosplay Photo by Kipi, but I think it never hurts to post this one, I think Kipi is on a Cosplay Event, Kipi it always looks pretty and cute with any Costume, but I think Kipi does not too comply with Kasumi image which existing in my imagination, but kipi have made ​​a more cutiest Kasumi Image. I love this Kasumi CosplayPhoto by Kipi! I love Kipi Too xD

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