BlazeBlue Cosplay Noel Vermillion Cute Cosplay

Noel Vermillion is a child who was born on December 25, 2194, by Sector Seven as "dimensional boundary contact medium No. 12 ", and then she adopted by the Vermillion family, before she being appointed to the Vermillion family, Noel Vermillion rescued from burning fields of Ikaruga, During her life in the Vermillion household, Noel obtained her Nox Nyctores Bolverk, after she was attacked by a monster in a forest, and then became she leutenant of the NOL Who is assigned to the AWOL Jin Kisaragi return to his post, and a playable character in Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift, Also Noel serves as the main heroine of the series, and Noel Vermillion weakness is her family and anything and everything cute ^^", (I think it will have trouble when she must face cute enemy :D) that suck xD, but she's face always look cute when she saw something cute.

I dont really know what this anime Either, actualy i do not even know BlazeBlue is anime or game ^^", but this is Amazing Noel Vermillion Cosplay photo, that was very well made ​​Noel Vermillion Cosplay Costume, that was made ​​with very hight detailed and uses Different fabric in some parts of her costume, but unfortunately she did not carry Noel Vermillion's weapons, I think this Noel Vermillion Cosplay photo will look more cool if she carry Noel Vermillion weapon ^^. the cosplayer name of this cool Noel Vermillion Cosplay photo is Ren Tachibana, i like this amazing Cosplay photo by Ren Tachibana. great job >.<

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