King Of Fighter Cosplay Ash Crimson

This is Ash Crimson Cosplay photo which I thought was really cool, Ash Crimson is a character that first appearance was in The King of Fighters 2003 as the leader of the New Hero Team, she was great fighter, and has own fighting style and also a girl character who has a motive to take the powers of the descendants of the Clans who sealed Orochi away 1.800 years ago, (well. .. I'm still confused Ash Crimson is a girl or boy ^^') Ash is Designed with the intent of creating an "attractive evil character" with little changes done to her since conception, His official nickname is The Sneering Blaze.


Well regardless of gender confusion of Ash Crimson, I found this amazing Ash Crimson Cosplay photo by Kotaro, the Ash Crimson Cosplay costume has been made ​​with very nice, with a glowing red color make this Ash Crimson Cosplay photo looks very clean, and also That green fire effects, I think is not bad too ^^" that look cool enough, Kotaro has a face that fit perfectly and in accordance with Ash Crimson existing image in my mind, I like this amazing cosplay photo, Oww .. i took this Ash Crimson Cosplay  photo by Kotaro from, you can see there if you want ^^. I love it!

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