One Piece Cosplay - Another Cute Perona Cosplay by Yu-Cha

I already posted some Perona Cosplay photo before, it was beautiful and cool Perona Cosplay Photo, and now I also have another Perona Cosplay by Yu-Cha, but actually I prefer to Perona cosplay photo i've post before, it looked so perfect with the Perona Cosplay is in my imagination, on this Perona cosplay photo I felt something not quite fit with Yu-Cha as Perona. maybe that because Yu-Cha appear like a little girls (just my opinion xD) and also the face of Yu-Cha does not comply with Perona facial image in my imagination..

I find this Perona Cosplay by Yu-Cha from, and there also exist Perona Cosplay with black Perona Cosplay Costume, although this Perona Cosplay by Yu-Cha is not too fit as Perona in my imagination, but can not be denied Yu-Cha has managed to create a very cute and sweet Perona Cosplay ^ ^, (I think we all agree with that :D) well ... this Perona Cosplay Costume also seen detailed except the crown, I think it's less detailed. but I like this Perona cosplay photos, this is cute Perona Cosplay Photo ^^!

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