Cute Fate Testarossa by Midori Kanda

This is Cute Fate Testarossa Cosplay Photo from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Anime Series by Midori Kanda, is one of the protagonis girls in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha in the anime, she was a mage girl who has a quest to collect all the Jewel seed, she also called by the name of Fate T. Harlaown, in addition, on the second and third season she working as Fate Testarossa as a Time-Space Administration Bureau officer, in the Japanese version Fate Testarossa voice by Nana Mizuki, and for English by Jennifer Alyx, the first time that Fate Testaros appear with ​​in episode 4 with her familiar Arf and her device Bardiche, Fate Testaros spend all her time to look for seed, (i mean her whole time), She appears in the city Whenever she Senses a Jewel Seed, as she has no school and nothing else to do. Also this is the reason why she spends much of this season in her transformed state, i know That must be super boring =.=".

This is the second time I post cosplay photo from Midori Kanda, Kanda Midori has made Cute ​​Fate Testarossa Cosplay Photo, I think Midori Kanda does look fit at all as Fate Testarossa, she has a typical face with Fate Testarossa, although I think Kipi also will be seen fit as well with Fate Testarossa Cosplay Costume, they both look cute ^^", and I'm also curious about what is being cooked by Fate Testarossa at her kitchen, she looks very busy with her pots in the kitchen :D, although Costume from this cute Fate Testarossa Cosplay photo seen usual, but I like this cosplay photo, Midori Kanda looks good with that Fate Testarossa wig, i took this cute Fate Testarossa cosplay photo from, great work!

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