Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay by Kaname

This is cosplay from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, 2005 computer-animated Japanese science fiction film directed by Tetsuya Nomura, Developed by Visual Works and Square Enix, Advent Children was the first-Announced title in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series, this Final Fantasy VII Advent Children plots start from two years after Cloud defeated Sephirot, who tried to destroy the world by using the meteor that caused the city of Midgar was Destroyed, He is attacked by three guys named, Kadaj, Loz, andYazoo-who believe Cloud has hidden That Their "mother". Kadaj ends the battle when That Cloud discovers he does not have her, this is amazing 3D animation on Advent Children, i always like the Final Fantasy series ^^.

Its really amazing Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay by Kaname, yea the cosplayer name behind this amazing  cosplay photo is Kaname, I've posted cloud cosplay before, and i saw many the cloud cosplay photo on the Internet or in cosplay event, but I think this Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay by Kaname was the most fitting and most cool Cloud cosplay, (actually there is many cool cloud cosplay) but I prefer this Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay by Kaname ^^. Kaname has very fit posture as Cloud, and That was stunning cosplay costume has been made ​​very-well, and i love the lightning and bacground of this Cosplay photo too, its amazing >.<, i got this amazing cosplay photo from Cosplay.Lightchan. com, dont forget to visit there :3, AMAZING! >.<

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