Monster Hunter Cosplay Tasha's kirin Cosplay

This is Amazing Monster Hunter Cosplay by Tasha, ummm ... I think Monster Hunter is not Anime =.=", at first I think Monster Hunter is Anime, and after looking for information turned out to Monster Hunter is a game, and frankly I don't know at all abaout xD this game, certainly in this game will be a lot of monsters and also the story in this game will certainly be around hunting monsters (I guess xD), considering the title is Monster Hunter lol. and I think Monster Hunter is an online game but I also not sure hehe, well ... I don't know what to write in this article, if I dont know what this game >.<, and in the picture this game once synonymous with the dragon, and this kirin (Kirin my knowledge, is the Dragon, mystical creatures in china) but at this game Kirin is more look like to a unicorn.

Well ... whatever, what sure Tasha looks really cool in this Amazing Monster Hunter Cosplay Photo by Tasha, that really professional Kirin Cosplay Costume, and that I know, Tasha always wear professional Cosplay costume and always look cool, at this Amazing Monster Hunter Cosplay Photos by Tasha, the Kirin Cosplay Costume has been made ​​with very cool and also very detailed, I like how this Kirin Cosplay Costume look like, with the dominant color black and white, and also that there are feathers on the costume reminds me of Sweetie Bear Armor (evie armor in vindictus :D) it really looks cool and also very cute, and I like her Haircut style too, that make Tasha look more cute, that point made me was very love with this Amazing Monster Hunter Cosplay Photo by Tasha, everything look perfect here, i got this amazing Monster Hunter Cosplay Photo from, (lately I take a lot of cosplay pictures from there ^^") I hope he's not angry xD, i love this cosplay photo, Amazing >.<

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