Panty & Stocking : Scanty Cosplay

This Panty & Stocking : Scanty Cosplay is a rival of Panty Cosplay by Aira who has my previous post, i mean That two characters are rivals in the Panty & Stocking anime series, Scanty is amain character in the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt series. She is a female, red-colored demon, with spikey green hair, yellow /green eyes and Fangs, she really wanted to beat Panty, and will be extremely frustrated if things do not go as she planned, Scanty is a high-class lady, though, she enjoys Bringing pain and humiliation to others, as rivals of Panty, Scanty also have similar capabilities, that is changing her panty into two revolvers, called "Double GoldLacytanga", :D (i told you, this all about Panties) Scanty is obsessed with rules, regulations, and conformity, as opposed to Panty.

This Panty & Stocking : Scanty Cosplay, I took from, the cosplayer name is Tasha, actually Tasha cosplaying as Scanty, and Tomia as her sister Kneesocks, Tasha & Tomia are duo korean cosplayer who is always seen together, they both always look beautiful too ^^" (although they are now a demon :D),  and they always had great cosplay photograph, one thing that is always visible from they cosplay photo, they both always look professional and total with their cosplay, in this Panty & Stocking : Scanty Cosplay the Scanty Cosplay costume wore by Tasha very similar to the original, I like the wigs worn by Tasha too, it looks cool and real the combination of Tasha face, her body posture and her make-up, has made ​​this Scanty cosplay photo looks perfect! perfect!! >.<

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