Panty & Stocking : Stocking Cosplay Photography

I've Panty & Stocking : Stocking Cosplay Photography here, Stocking is Panty's younger sister, Stocking is the main character on this Panty & Stocking Anime series, Stocking has Goth lolita style she and long violet/pink hair and teal eyes, she got her name cos derivates from the object she is able to weaponize, like her sister Panty, Stocking has similar ability, To prepare for battle, Stocking removes her stockings (in panty case, she remove her panty :D) Her ability is being able to transform her stockings into a pair of katanas, known as Stripes I & II, which can be attached at the base of the hilt (like i said its all about panty xD heheh) Stocking goth girl who is intelligent, although sometimes she easilyprovoked, and she enjoys eating various desserts and sugary food, but doesn't seem to gain weight.

Its been 3 days to post cosplay from Panty & Stocking series, and I think this is the last one, the cosplayer name is Asami Uki, ​​I think this is first time I saw pictures of cosplay from Asami Uki, ​​UkiA sami does not fit well with the Stocking image which is on my mind, I do not know why she looks different ... just different, I like the wig worn by Uki Asami that looked so cool and fit in her, on this Panty & Stocking : Stocking Cosplay Photography, Stocking cosplay costume has been made​​ very well especially her wig :D, i got this Panty & Stocking: Stocking Cosplay Photography from, great cosplay!

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