Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Fuuro

Now I've Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Fuuro by Kotori, Pokemon Black & White is a RPG (Role-Playing-Game) is developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS, I myself have never played it, i love the Pokemon anime series since I was a kid :D, and this Pokemon Black & White First released in Japan on September 18, 2010, Fuuro (or also called Skyla) is a leader in the city Unova Gym, specialisasi fuuro are Flying-type Pokemon, and when player beat him, furro will award the player the Jet Badge, I've played pokemon in my HP N-Gage, and it was pretty fun ^ ^.

The cosplayer name is Kotori, she was look good on this Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Fuuro by Kotori with well-made ​​cosplay costume, well ... actually Kotori does not fit well with existing Fuuro image in my head, probably because kotori look too mature for me, but although Kotori does not fit well as Fuuro what I imagine, she still has managed to make very cool Pokemon Black & White Cosplay Fuuro, I got this Cosplay Photo from Cosplay.lightchan.com, please visite the original site to see another cool cosplay photo, nice cosplay!

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