Vampire Knight amazing Kuran Kaname Cosplay

Ummm ... this is Amazing Kuran Kaname Cosplay Photo by Aira, i guess its little weired for me ^^ ", Aira is a beautiful girl and Kuran Kaname is a hansome boy =.=" it's really the opposite lol, well ... Kuran Kaname is the class president of night classes (Night class is the class of the vampire), yes ... as in Twilight (edward and friend) vampire here also looks handsome/beautiful and also fascinating, because of that many days classes deliberately waited until the night so they can see the Night class students come, Kuran Kaname both feared and Respected by the other Night Class students, he is always kind and sweet to Yuki (Yuki is a human being, and also chairman of the class from noon) Yuki also served to keep the students' day no one knows that all night class student is Vampire, Kuran Kaname has shown That he cares for Yuki in a romanticsense and That Had he fallen for Yuki ever since They were the resource personschildren. He wants to be Closer to her, but Senses how shy she is about it.

well ... Like i said its still weired for me to saw Aira cosplaying as Kuran Kaname xD, but even so Aira seen fit well as Kuran Kaname (and of course she still look beautiful ^^"), this Kuran Kaname Cosplay Photo look great, its was soft lightning and very well made ​​Vampire Knight Cosplay Costume, and i love atmosphere that i feel from this Kuran Kaname Cosplay photo, and they are great cosplayer too >.<, I don't know the name of another cosplayer in this Cosplay Photo, which I know only Aira :D, other than Kuran Kaname in this photo there are also cosplay from Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu, and I think The most fitting here is Zero Kiryu because he's a real guy ^^', I'm curious name of the cosplayer who becomes zero and Yuki too, i got this Amazing Kuran Kaname Cosplay Photos from That was amazing cosplay photos, I love it! this Kuran Kaname Cosplay Costume looks very nice and well made ​​with high detailed too, I like that Zero hand bandage, thats look cool >.<.

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