Final Fantasy Cosplay Rosa Joanna Farrell

Weeww finally I can update the my blog post again, and after all this time I got a cosplay photo from Aira cosplay photos, and this time Aira cosplaying as Rosa Joanna Farrell, one of the playable female character from Final Fantasy IV, Rosa is Cecil Harvey and Kain Highwind's Childhood friend, and harbors romantic feelings for Cecil, Rosa isa woman with light blonde hair styled as a half up do with Long Bangs That frame her face (i like that way), Rosa is first seen in Barron, when Cecil finds her in the castle after his mission to Mysidia and before he and Cain go on Their mission to deliver a package to the village of Mist. rosa besides white mage she is also very skilled as a archer.

Well ... this is beautiful Final Fantasy Cosplay Rosa Joanna Farrell by Aira, Aira is one of my favorite cosplayer, she has managed to create very beautiful Rosa Joanna Farrell with stunning cosplay costume, Aira look really pretty with her ​​blonde wig (I'm not sure that was a wig ^ ^), and I think the background of this Final Fantasy Cosplay Rosa Joanna Farrell enough to present the characteristics of Rosa Joanna Farrell, I don't know the name of the another cosplayer. but she look nice too, i got this cosplay photo from, please visite there to see another cool cosplay photo!

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