Perfect Jigoku Shoujo Cosplay Enma Ai

Jigoku Shoujo can mean Girl from Hell (hell girl), one of the protagonist character of this anime is Enma Ai, in this anime everyone allowed to do revenge, if someone hate other and has enough hatred, they can request to send people they hate to the hell by send a letter to the address appearing in a three-column newspaper advertisement, the address only visible to those with enough hatred but has changed over the centuries now the people could access the Hell Correspondence website with the same terms ^^" (I think this is a desirable world by people who have a grudge xD), most episodes are self-contained short stories in which the series narrates the suffering of a different individual caused by one or more antagonists.

well...I think not excessive if i said this is Perfect Jigoku Shoujo Cosplay Enma Ai, i really love everything from this Enma Ai cosplay photo, the cosplayer behind this Perfect Jigoku Shoujo Cosplay Enma Ai is Koyuki, and the photograph as always by Kojima, let me mention what makes this photo look perfect to me, the cosplayer (Koyuki) has a fit face and body posture as Enma Ai (maybe for four year ahead ^^"), yea...koyuki seem bit older as enma ai, but still she look perfect as Enma ai (its perfect version of enma ai lol), and the most i love is the background of this cosplay photo, with the background of flower garden and pink shade made this photo look soft and really representative enma ai feeling, and adds strong expression of Enma ai, i got this Perfect Jigoku Shoujo Cosplay by Koyuki from, so...Don't forget to visit there if you have a time. perfect!!

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