Kaname Cosplay by Hinoki Sakurai

Kaname Cosplay from Vampire knight by Hinoki Sakurai, this is not first time i see Kuran Kaname Cosplay by girl, kuran kaname is student from night class, vampire knight is the anime / manga that tells the story of the Cross Gakuen is divided into two classes, namely : Day Class and Night Class. Night Class has a secret, that all who were there are vampires. Because of this, Yuki Cross and Zero is his adopted brother, served shopped the "Guardian" or protective Day Class.

Kaname Cosplay by Hinoki Sakurai Gallery

well this is my first time i post Cosplay from Hinoki Sakurai, in this Kaname Cosplay "Hinoki Sakurai" really made Kaname look cute ^^",  it really does not fit with the existing Kaname image on the anime, however in this Kaname Cosplay Hinoki Sakurai still look cute though she playing as guy character here. but I do not know who the cosplayer which became Yuki Cross, she did well too ^^. i got this Kaname Cosplay photo from Cosrain.com. nice cosplay.

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