Ragnarok Cosplay by Arisa Cosplay as Priest

Ragnarok Cosplay photo by Arisa, this is just another cosplay photo by Arisa, this time arisa cosplaying as Priest class from ragnarok online, in this Ragnarok Cosplay arisa little different from priest character i ever imagine, well i always imagine priest character should be like Yufa in ragnarok the movie ^^, however arisa has manage to create beautifull and cute priest character on this Ragnarok Cosplay photo.

Ragnarok Cosplay by Arisa Gallery

the Ragnarok Cosplay costume has been made well too, that was stunning cosplay costume, with added lace on cape and body signify this Ragnarok Cosplay costume has been made with hight detailed too, and that red hairband make Arisa look even more cute, if I do not wrong, we can get that red hairband from orc monster ^^". i like this Ragnarok Cosplay, arisa look fit as priest character in ragnarok :D, thought not fit anough as Yufa i ever imagine ^^", i got this photo from cosrain.com, you can visit there sometime.

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