Street Fighter Cosplay by Geovanni as Ibuki

Street Fighter Cosplay character name is ibuki, i just play this street fighter yesterday (i know that late ^^") but i love it! i planing to play this with my wife letter xD, ibuki is one of new character (unlockable Character) in the Street Fighter IV game, she is speed fighter type character and i love her move, in this Street fighter cosplay photo, i think geovanni look too mature as ibuki who exist in my head (just my personal argumen :D), but geovanni did great with photography aspect, with nice light and dark shade in some picture.

Street Fighter Cosplay by Geovanni Gallery

when i saw this Street fighter cosplay photo first time, i just said "weww" that was awesome cosplay photography, like i said though geovani look too mature for me, but she manage to create another sweet ibuki ^^ with her own personal taste, well actually i get confused at the first time i saw this Street fighter cosplay, becouse Ibuki has different hairstyle in this Street Figter cosplay photo, but overall i really love this cosplay photography, i hope Geovanni not mean her cosplay photo posted here xD, i got this Street Fighter Cosplay photo from nice cosplay.

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