Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros

Midori kanda Cosplay as ikaros from Sora no Otoshimono, i just watch this anime lately and i love that :D, the anime has light story and tell stroy always in funny way, the anime tell about high school boy named Tomoki Sakurai who sent a sexy pet Angeloid type Alpha named Ikaros (but in fact that was not Pet Type) angeloid will do anything ordered to her by her master(anything xD) i can imagine if i become her master like Tomoki xD, i think i'll rule the world muwahahahha (forget that =.="  just kidding).

Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros Photo Gallery

Ikaros displays a very submissive, melancholic personality and is completely subservient to Tomoki's wishes. midori kanda has made different Ikaros with i ever imagine, she made Ikaros look smaller than in anime :D, in that way i think midori kanda will look more fit if she cosplaying as Nymph. i think Koyuki will be look more fit in Ikaros costume ^^. dont mean it, that just my argument, well however i love this cosplay. i got this cosplay photo from www.Agart.com you can go ther with this link http://www.acgart.com/index.php/Sora-no-Otoshimono-Ikaros-melancholy-cosplay/Sora-no-Otoshimono-Ikaros-melancholy-cosplay-4

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