Midori Kanda Cosplay as Nymph

Midori Kanda Cosplay as Angeloid Nymph from Sora no Otoshimono (heaven's lost property in english or something like that, im not sure how to translate that :D) Nymph is second angeloid who appears in the Sora no Otoshimono anime, at first time she show up, she has mission from her master to take Ikaros (uranus queen) back to Synapse, but Nymph accidentally ulock the protection of Ikaros memories, and make uranus queen fully revive, that make her mission fail, Nymph is "Electronic Warfare Angeloid, Type Beta" that make her can hack everyting icluding someone abillity.

Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros Photo Gallery

I love this Midori Kanda cosplay photo, like i said Midori kanda will look more fit if cosplaying as Nymph, midori kanda has a cute face and the similar body  posture with Nymph character, Nymp really love to eat a snack and sweet food, and that apple candy look yummy too for me xD, i remember Nymph really want that candy in festival and like usual Midori kanda always did great pose and always did great expression too,  i got this Midori Kanda Cosplay photo from Cosrain.com. i love it ^^.

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