GOD Eater Hero Cosplay by Sharako

GOD Eater Hero Cosplay by Sharako as Hero Alisa Amiella, GOD Eater Hero is a 2011 Action-RPG for the PlayStation Portable, this game has been develoved by Namco, i dont play this game yet, and the scuel of this game with tittle GOD Eater 2 will release in 2012, The game possesses a very large storyline which can be experienced fully with names and voice actors in single-player mode, the story plot in this game is The story revolves around the six main members of the Far East Branch of an anti-Aragami organization called Fenrir, and as the player we will lead the veteran and rookie members named Lindow, Sakuya, Soma, Kota, and Alisa, while assignments come from Tsubaki as the begining of game.

God Eater Hero Cosplay by Sharako Gallery

In this GOD Eater Hero Cosplay by Sharako cosplay photo, Sharako cosplayer as one of the hero on the game, but i dont really sure who she is, i think she is cosing as Alisa Ilinichina Amiella that was very close appearance with Sharako Cosplay, especially for her Pink hair, but Alisa not wearing Headphone like Sharako did, so till now i still confusing whos the character name, i think i should play this game first so i can explain whos cosplay is this ^^, Sharako seem nice with her cosplay costume and her pink hair, that haircut was remind me Sakura haruno from Naruto anime, though i dont really like with her weapon, that was huge weapon but seem not real enough ^^, but overall i love this GOD Eater Hero Cosplay by Sharako this was nice cosplay photo, i took this GOD Eater Hero Cosplay by Sharako from Mon0r,com. visit there to see the rest of cosplay photo.

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