Koyuki Cosplay as Okino Miyoko

Koyuki Cosplay as Okino Miyoko from Zone-00, its been several time i post cosplay by koyuki as character from Zone-00, Miyoko is one of the witch from ZOne-00, she has sweet and nice body and beautifull face  in the anime she also called as "Majoko" throughout the series that name got from her nickname involving the word "Majo", 'witch', and her own name, she also known as The Witch from the west  His eyes are also colored differently, as the left one is indigo and the right one, golden. He has pleaded her loyalty she saved his life, i dont really watch this anime and just got all this information from wikipedia, though still im not sure i was given the right infomation ^^, so pardon me if i write wrong information about what cosplay photo is this, actually i really want to start to watch this anime, i love this Miyoko style, especially for her hairstyle, i though that was made her look more cuter ^^.

Koyuki Cosplay as Okino Miyoko Photo Gallery

well...this is another sweet cosplay photo from one of my favorites cosplayer Koyuki, she seem perfect enough as Okino Miyoko from Zone-00, i already compare Koyuki cosplay with Okino Miyoko pictures which i found in the internet, i love everything in this  Koyuki Cosplay as Okino Miyoko, i love her cosplay costume, and the background of this cosplay photo, the red shade in this Koyuki Cosplay as Okino Miyoko has give more feminine touch to this cosplay photo, though i dont really like with her wig ^^, that was nice wig and the red color always seem fit on Koyuki but i though that was seem unnatural red color which made that wig seem like a fake hair (ofc that was fake hair XD), the cosplay costume has give big contribution on this Koyuki Cosplay as Okino Miyoko that was cool robe whit pluffy thing in the side, well...i took this  Koyuki Cosplay as Okino Miyoko  from cosrain.com, visit there to see another sweet cosplay photo.   

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