Miyuko Cosplay as Yuko Shionji

Miyuko Cosplay as Yuko Shionji character from Kami-sama no Memo-cho, Kami-sama no Memo-cho also known as Heaven's Memo Pad or can be mean God's Memo Pad too, this is japanese light novel series written by Hikaru Sugii, this light novel has been adapted to anime and manga, the anime adaptation aired 12 episodes in japan, in this cosplay photo Miyuko Cosplaying as Yuko Shionji, Yuko Shionji also known as Alice, she is mysterious girl who lives on the third Floor over hanamaru ramen shop (after i wrote Hanamaru Ramen, i wanna eat ramen noodle now xD), her age around 12 or 13 year old girl, she has not too high body with white pale and long black haired, i like to see girl in long black hair that made them look more mature, in the anime she call her self as Alice (she mixed reading of the Kanji Yuko), i love this character she was cute appearance, i think i gonna buy her figure if i found one xD. 

Miyuko Cosplay as Yuko Shionji Gallery

Another Sweet Miyuko Cosplay photo, this time Miyuko cosplaying as the main protagonist character Alice, when i saw this Miyuko Cosplay as Yuko Shionji i think this is perfect Yuko Shionji cosplay photo, i said that not becouse Miyuko is my favorite cosplayer but she look perfectly fit with Yuko Shionji character here, she has cute face like Yuka in anime and she has similar body posture too (they even similar in their name too MiYuko and Yuko), Miyuko seem very cute with that haircut and that makeup, ummm...i guess Miyuko not wearing any wig here i think that was her real hair as always, i never see Miyuko wearing any wig in her cosplay photo (at least that was what i think, becouse her hair always look very natural and too natural for the fake hair thing), when i saw this Miyuko Cosplay as Yuko Shionji photo for first time i said like "Omg Miyuko! you are super cute girl XD" i think im fall in love with her at the first sigh :p, well...the cosplay costume has been made well too that was seem colse enough with Yuko Shionji casual cloth in the anime, i took this Miyuko Cosplay as Yuko Shionji from Mon0r.com, so visit there when u had a time.

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