Rinami Cosplay as Kanae

Rinami Cosplay as Kanae from Aki Sora ni mau Konfetei anime/manga or a game, yea i dont know what is this for sure, i got some information this is hentai game and some information its was anime, well...i dont know yet where the righ one, in this cosplay photo Rinami cosplaying as kanae, one of the main character in  Aki Sora ni mau Konfetei, actually Kanae has pink hair but in this Rinami Cosplay as Kanae  Rinami wearing brown short wig, its bit different but not somuch difference.

Rinami Cosplay as Kanae Photo Gallery

Rinami seem good in that school uniform (though i dont really know that was school uniform or not ^^'), the uniform has been well made and when i compare that with Kanae picture i think that cosplay costume really close to the real one, and Rinami has cute and similar face posture as Kanae though i think kanae should be bit younger, the most i love from this Rinami Cosplay as Kanae is her hair, i think that was her real hair not wearing a wig, seem different with Kanae but that a good point here ^^ that made this cosplay photo seem very natural, and i still wondering about this Aki Sora ni mau Konfetei, i got this Rinami Cosplay as Kanae from cosrain.com today so please visit there to see another cosplay photo.

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