Rosario + Vampire Cosplay by Koyuki

Rosario + Vampire Cosplay by Koyuki as Moka Akashiya, Rosario + Vampire is japanese manga written and illustrated by Akihisa Ikeda, in this manga is about human and vampire story, the main character in this Rosario + Vampire is Tsukune Aono he is a normal high school freshman who is unable to get into any private school due to his poor grades, he meet with Moka Akashiya in the begining of series, Moka Akashiya is The female protagonist, she is a sweet and kind-hearted vampire and the first to befriend Tsukune Aono, if i thoug about Vampire and human race that remind me of my GirlFriend favorite novel, Twilight ^^, Moka Akashiya has Cheerful personality While initially distrustful of humans, having spent almost her entire life in the human world until middle school where she was being made fun of by her fellow students.

Rosario + Vampire Cosplay by Koyuki Photo Gallery

i took this Rosario + Vampire Cosplay by Koyuki from, it this Rosario + Vampire Cosplay by Koyuki Koyuki not use High scholl uniform costume, that made her bit different with Moka Akashiya which seem always wear that uniform, i think koyuki seem fit enough if she become Moka character thoug i dont really like wit her Moka wig, That was nice wig but that wig look like plastic for me ^^, Koyuki wearing black dress in this Rosario + Vampire Cosplay by Koyuki, i think thats dress is no more then original dress i dont know if Moka Akashiya ever wear that kind of dress in the manga, but the dress which wore by koyuki has classical taste which can represent Moka Akashiya as vampire girl, and the rose flower has describe this as Rosario + Vampire cosplay ^^. 

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