Steins;Gate Cosplay by Anji Makise

Steins;Gate Cosplay by Anji Makise cosplaying as Moeka Kiryu, Steins Gate is japanese game based on anime which depeloved by 5pb and Nitroplus, actually Steins Gate is a japanese visual novel and was released on october 15, 2009, in this game requires interaction from the player as most of the duration of the game, almost of all game scence full filled with reading stuff, like many other visual novels there are specific point in the Steins Gate where the user is given a choice to effect the game story. in this Stein Gate cosplay Anji Makise cosplaying as one of the character in the game named Moeka Kiryu, she is a tall girl who rintaro bumps into Akihabara and is on a search for the IBN 5100 personal Computer, i dont really play this game so, i can explain detail of this game, Moeka is extremely protective of her mobile phone and become agitated if someone tries to take it from her, beside that Moeka Kiryu has shy personality and she prefers talk to someone by sending them a txt massage instead speaking.

Steins;Gate Cosplay by Anji Makise Gallery

Anji Makise cosplay as Moeka Kiryu here, and she has manage to create very pretty Moeka Kiryu in this Steins;Gate Cosplay by Anji Makise i can said she has made Koeka Kiryu look more cute and sweet then Moeka Kiryu which i ever imagine, though i dont really think Anji seem perfectly fit as Moeka, Anji look easy to make friend and she has no shy face that why Anji seem different from Moeka, Anji look great with her hairstyle that look like her real hair (that seem very natural, im wondering that was a wig or not) beside that she look more mature and hot with that cosplay costume though i guess there is nothing complex on her cosplay costume but still that cosplay costume has been made well and seem close to the Moeka cloth in the game, i think its will be great if she become my personal secretary xD, and i love to see Anji wearing that glass that look great on her, well...i took this Steins;Gate Cosplay by Anji Makise from, its sweet Steins;Gate Cosplay by Anji Makise cosplay photo.

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