Tales of Xillia Cosplay by Miyuko

Tales of Xillia Cosplay by Miyuko as Milla Maxwell, another sweet cosplay from one of my favorite cosplayer Miyuko, this time she cosplaying as Milla Maxwell from RPG game Tales of Xillia, The game was released in Japan on September 8, 2011, the gameplay of this game is Characters can freely chain regular attacks and TP-consuming Artes together through the use of Assault Counter (AC) points, im not play this game yet but i think i will play this game soon, Milla Maxwell we can said as elementalist She is able to summon all four spirits of earth, water, wind and fire, not like another character Milla Maxwell feels no hunger because Mana is basically her energy source, i love this character style she look cool with that costume and weapon.

Tales of Xillia Cosplay by Miyuko Photo Gallery

As alway i alway love to see Miyuko cosplay, she always did stunning cosplay photo and always seem totalled on cosplay, Miyuki has did great on her cosplay costume here that was very close to the Milla costume in the game, that was created with hight detailed and has made with right material, i think Miyuko has different weapon in this Tales of Xillia Cosplay by Miyuko, she wealding double dagger while Milla using one handled sword and seem like a katana in the game, but i love the dagger in this Tales of Xillia Cosplay by Miyuko that was cool dagger with nice detailed and design (that remind me to dagger in Ragnarok Online xD), well...this was awesome cosplay photo by Miyuko, i took this Tales of Xillia Cosplay by Miyuko from mon0r.com, awesome!!

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