Vocaloid 2 Cosplay by Singi Hotou

Vocaloid 2 Cosplay by Singi Hotou as Lily character, is an official character of a singing synthesizer application software powered by Yamaha's Vocaloid2, different with another vocaloid character which based on Japanese School Uniform Lily has more fashionable costume like Megurine Luka has, originally lily appeared on the cover of the CD "Anim.o.v.e.01" which relreased on aug 19 2009, The voice source is the lead vocalist of m.o.v.e., Yuri Masuda, i like this character look like beside her costume has unique and different base with other vocaloid character, she look more expressive for me ^^.

Vocaloid 2 Cosplay by Singi Hotou Gallery

Impressive Vocaloid 2 Cosplay by Singi Hotou as Lily, this is another sweet cosplay as the vocaloid 2 character i already post awsome megurine luka and anothe cosplay photo from vocaloid 2 char before, and this Time Singi Hotou has did impressive cosplay too, its almost perfect Lily cosplay photo and the most sweet Lily cosplay photo which i ever seen ^^, i really love her cosplay costume in this Vocaloid 2 Cosplay by Singi Hotou, that was perfect Lily costume which has been made with full detailed on every part of costume, well not that complex but still detailed and seem very close to the real one, that was nice hair too ^^ seem fit on Singi Hotou, but i think Singi Hotou seem bit different with Lily character which i ever imagine, i mean different but still impressive ^^, i took this Vocaloid 2 Cosplay by Singi Hotou from Mon0r.com. impressive cosplay photo.

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