Bleach Cosplay Neliel by Sui

Bleach Cosplay Neliel by Sui cosplayer, in this Bleach anime cosplay photo Sui cosplaying as Neliel Tu Oderschvank, Neliel Tu Oderschvank is a Hollow who become one of the strongest espada, Neliel Tu Oderschvank in 3rd the most strongest espada, but in the past he got cheated by Nnoitra, Nnoitra attack Neliel Tu Oderschvank and made her mask on her head broke, from that way she lost her mind and her power and she become child form, when Ichigo come to Hueco Mundo to save Inoue, he meet with Neliel Tu Oderschvank in shild form and become her friend (i still remmember how cute Neliel Tu Oderschvank when she still in child form XD and she talk so funny, its funny when Neliel call ichigo with itshucgoo) when ichigo almost lose when he fight with Nnoitra Neliel crying and got angry, in that Neliel Tu Oderschvank was revived and can remmember all, she also got her power and back to normal form (her normal form is hot girl with hot cloth XD).

Bleach Cosplay Neliel by Sui Gallery

This is one of the most Stunning Bleach Cosplay photo which i ever seen, everything look so cool on this Sui Cosplay, especially i love the dark shade which was added on this Bleach Cosplay Neliel by Sui, that made this Bleach Cosplay Neliel by Sui seem so dramatic, Sui seem perfectly fit as Neliel Tu Oderschvank she look fit in every aspect and can really represent Neliel personality when she back to normal form, beside that another cosplayer who cosing as Nnoitra seem perfectly fit too as Nnoitra (they both did great cosplay here) umm...but i dont know whos the cosplayer name who cosing as Nnoitra, and the most i love from this Bleach Cosplay Neliel by Sui is Sui Cosplay costume XD, when i saw this Bleach Anime cosplay i just wanna said Thank you so much Tite Kubo (the Bleach writer) for made Neliel costume like this xD, that awesome costume lol, and on the last cosplay photo, i think Sui need lift her hand more higher XD on the last cosplay photo (that just what i think :D), in fact i love this Bleach Cosplay Neliel by Sui because they really did great and stunning Bleach cosplay here, i got this Bleach Cosplay Neliel by Sui from, awesome cosplay photo.

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