Bleach cosplay photo as Ichigo Kurosaki

Bleach cosplay photo as Ichigo Kurosaki character in Hollow version, Ichigo is ordinary high school student before he got shinigami power from Rukia, Rukia is a girl (she look like at same age with Kurosaki Ichigo) she is a Shinigami who has duty to protect the human world from Hollow, and some night she traying to save Ichigo Kurosaki family from hollow who attack them, but Rukia got bad injured and gave her Shinigami power to Ichigo, start from that time Ichigo become subtitute Shinigami who has same duty to protect his town from Hollow, but in fact, Ichigo has his own hidden power there is a Hollow power which asleep on his body, and when Ichigo last fight again Rukia brother (well i forgot his name XD, and too lazy to open wiki) he almost lost his control and his face covered by hollow mask, and made him even more stronger.

Bleach Cosplay Photo as Ichigo Kurosaki Gallery

in this Bleach cosplay photo as Ichigo Kurosaki the cosplayer cosplaying as Ichigo's Hollow power who asleep in Ichigo's body, hes look like ichigo kurosaki in oposite side, and when Ichigo trying to control his Hollow power he must fight with this Hollow Ichigo version, if he win he can gain full control of his hollow power, and he lose from his hollow form, He will turn into full hollow in the real world, i love this Bleach cosplay photo as Ichigo Kurosaki, that was stunning cosplay makeup and that was look like a real Ichigo's hollow, well beside her stunning makeup he also has did great too on his Expression, i love his expression XD, when i saw this Bleach cosplay photo as Ichigo Kurosaki, i can clrealy remember the way how this ichigo hollow talk, expression, and his personallity too, that why i said its awesome :D, but unfortunately i dont know whos the cosplayer name so i put this to Unknown Cosplayer categories, i even not remmeber where i got this cosplay photo, its been on my cosplay photo collection for long time, so im so sorry for not including cosplayer name, original source and the cosplay photo owner here :/, well its stunning ichigo Kurosaki cosplay photo.

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