One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by Ahane

One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by Ahane Cosplayer, again i got another Boa Hancock cosplay photo from One Piece Anime, i dont know why but suddenly, lately i was only one post all about my favorites Anime, Suck as One Piece, Bleach or Fairy tail, mabe next post i'll try to find another Fairy Tail cosplay photo, Boa Hancock has become my favorites character on the One Piece anime, i love to see her Blushing face when she start thinking about marriage with luffy xD, she look soo cute when that happen, Boa Hancock is The Leader of Kuja Pirates, and the only female mamber of Shichibukai, even she is a Pirate and Shichibukai mamber (Shichibukai is world govemant organitation) but she not afraid and never put respect to any Pirates nor Govermant army (marine) she will attack everyone she want XD, beside that due to her extra ordinary beautifull face, she can made every single man fall in love with her.

One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by Ahane Gallery

This is another One Piece Cosplay photo as Boa Hancock well mabe its been 7th time i post about Boa Hancock cosplay XD, i dont know why but i really like to post or to see Boa Hancock cosplay, and i love the Boa Hancock character on One Piece more that i like Nami or another character (she always proud of her self though somtime she will look so cute when she thinking about luffy) i wondering is Luffy love a girl or hes not normal XD, he even dont care when saw Boa Hancock take a bath naked, and i love this One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by Ahane, Ahane seem very fit too as Boa Hancock but that not the best part from this One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by Ahane, Ahane did really great on her Cosplay costume, that was very stunning costume with high detailed on some part, that was very close to the Boa Hancock real cloth in One Piece Anime, beside that I love her gun, that gun seem so classic and can really represent Boa Hancock as Pirates leader in Pirates era, well...i got this One Piece Cosplay Boa Hancock by Ahane from, sweet One Piece cosplay photo by Ahane.

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