Rei Cosplay with Cheongsam Dress

Rei Cosplay with Cheongsam Dress, well actually i dont really know what cosplay photo is this, i even not sure this was Cosplay photo or not XD, well whos care i just fall in love with this girl with cheonsam, in comic-friendly site said the cosplayer name is Rei, and i dont remmember i ever know her name, once again whos care with that XD i just know i love this cosplay photo, and i love the girl with that cheonsam, Cheongsam is chinese traditional dress usually this dress always look fit with girl body and made her look more hot but she also look elegan and bit classical touch, usually the girl wearing cheonsam with also use chinese traditional haircut too, that will made her look fit with that chinese dress, i always love to see girls with kimono, ninja suit (like Tenchu main girl char, i forgot her name lol XD gimme time to remmember her name), and in Cheongsam.

Rei Cosplay with Cheongsam Gallery

i dont know its was Rei Cosplay or maybe Rei is character name on this cosplay photo, but like i said i dont really care with that :P, lets assuming the cosplayer name is Rei  (so sorry if im wrong XD) Rei seem very fit with that Cheongsam dress, i ever see pretty girl with cheonsam but she not look good at all, i think only girl with oriental face will look perfect with Cheonsam dress (i think that becouse most of them has stright black haired) who made them look perfect with Cheonsam, in this Rei Cosplay with Cheongsam Dress the background of this cosplay photo seem like the background which always Rei use when she cosplaying together with Miyuko, Tasha or Tomia, i think this Rei Cosplay with Cheongsam Dress was taken at same place/studio like always, well i love everything from this Rei Cosplay with Cheongsam Dress, especially i love the cosplayer XD, well i got this cosplay photo, sweet cosplay photo by Rei ^^.

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