Slam Dunk Cosplay by Chinese Coser

Slam Dunk Cosplay by Chinese Coser as some character from Shohoku High School, Slam Dunk is japanese manga with Sport themed, i read this manga long time ago and i already forget some character on this Slam Dunk manga, its was nice sport manga, this manga series written by Takehiko Inoue and the story arround the basketball team from Shohoku High School, this manga has been adapted to the anime with same tittle, this anime become very popular in particularly in japan and several other asian countries (including my country :D) and Europe, and this cosplay photo the cosplayer cosplaying as some character from the series, the character name is Hisashi Mitsui, Mitsuyoshi Anzai, ayako, Moichi Taoka and the last character...i already forgot his name xD, and im too lazy for trying to find information about him ^^, so im so happy if someone can tell me whos that character name :D.

Slam Dunk Cosplay by Chinese Coser  Gallery

Slam Dunk Cosplay by Chinese Coser, ya the cosplayer is Chinese people who has very fit face as the character on the Slam Dunk anime, when i try to compare the coser from this Slam Dunk Cosplay by Chinese Coser with the Slam Dunk character pictures, i can said they look perfect as the charater, they even dont need any complex cosplay costume or any wig, i though they just need some little makeup to made this awesome cosplay photo, i like to see that Ayako cosplay photo ^^, when i see her cosplay i think i fall in love xD once again, she look so smexy and look at her lips :o, her lips very similar with Ayako lips on the anime, she look perfectly fit as Ayako, beside tha another cosplayer did great cosplay photo too, all of this Chinese Cosplayer look perfect as the character they cosplaying in this Slam Dunk Cosplay by Chinese Coser , but so sad becouse i even cant find any information about the cosplayer name, i just got information from where they are :( so i put this to Unknown categories, i hope someone can tell me whos the cosplayer name, i got this awesome Slam Dunk Cosplay by Chinese Coser from, u should check there to see another cool cosplay photo ^^.

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