Tomia Cosplay Photo as Elsie

Tomia Cosplay Photo as Elsie character from The World God Only Knows, The World God Only Knows is a Manga series written and illustrated by Tamiki Wakaki, This manga also known as Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai in japanese, this manga has been serialized in the weekly Shonen Sunday magazine since april 9 2008, and this amanga has been adapted to anime in october 2010, in this cosplay photo Tomia cosplaying as Elsie, Elsie full name is Elucia de Rux Ima but she also known as Erushii in japanese, Elsie is 300 year old girl (i can imagine how she will be look like if she were a human xD) she is demon from hell who has been sent to earth to capture Loose souls as Spirit hunter, the Skull hairclip on Elsie hair has remind me to the character on Guran Lagan anime Yoko Littnear, In the start of this anime series she meets Keima (Keima is male main protagonist character on this manga) after signing Docrow skull;s contract, and she and Keima become partner later.

Tomia Cosplay Photo as Elsie Gallery

Tomia Cosplay as Elsie character, i though Tomia seem too young as elsie ^^ (at least that what i think) i think Elsie must be look more mature, i guess tasha or Saya will look more fit as Elsie character, but im not said tomia did bad cosplay, she did awesome cosplay in this Tomia Cosplay Photo as Elsie she just not fit enough with elsie character which i ever imagine, the background set of this cosplay photo has same background with another cosplay photo from Tasha cosplay photo, i guess they was take their cosplay photo in same studios, well the most thing i love from this Tomia Cosplay Photo as Elsie is Tomia has made Elsie look more cuter and made her not look like 300 year old girl xD, her cosplay costume too, that was look really close to the elsie cloth on the manga (i already compare that) and beside that her Cosplay costume has remind me to Tenchu main female character :D, well i took this Tomia Cosplay Photo as Elsie from, sweet tomia cosplay photo.

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