Tomia Cosplay SeeU Cosplay Character

Tomia Cosplay SeeU Cosplay Character from Vocaloid 3, Vocaloid3 is another new version and current successor to the vocaloid 2 engine, another new vocaloid engine was revealed on june 8th 2011 by Yamaha, this Vocaloid 3 was first announced in mid 2011, we can meet new voicebank on this vocaloid 3 suck as Mew, SeeU, Yuzuki Yukari, cul etc, in this Tomia Cosplay photo, Tomia cosplaying as one of the character on the vocaloid 3 name SeeU, SeeU is Voicebank for vocaloid3 and the first vocaloid who capable of Koran and SeeU also the first "Korean/Japanese bilingual" vocaloid, SeeU voice provider is the korean artist Kim Dahi (she is 17 year old girl and the mamber of the K-Pop girl band named Glam), i like this SeeU character appearance which i think this was mixed of Korean and japanese style.

Tomia Cosplay SeeU Cosplay Character Gallery

finally now i can update my blog again, my internet getting nob lately and i cant online for one week, this time i have another cute cosplay photo from my another favorite korean cosplayer Tomia, tomia has a cute face and always look kawai in every her cosplay photo and i think that was made her look very fit cosplaying as the SeeU character, she look very cute with that haircut and kitty ear (her hair seem very natural) biside that the her SeeU cosplay costume has been made well and look very close to the real SeeU costume, i love to see girl with guitar and they always look cool cool and still sweet when they playing guitar, the guitar which tomia use in this Tomia Cosplay SeeU Cosplay Character has remind me to Yui Hirasawa guitar, in some cosplay photo the cosplay photo on this Tomia Cosplay SeeU Cosplay Character was added black and white photo effect, i like that photo effect, usually black and white photo effect always made the photo look more dramatic and sometime seem classic, but in this Tomia Cosplay SeeU Cosplay Character i think that photo effect has made Tomia look more cuter, i took this Tomia Cosplay SeeU Cosplay Character from sweet tomia cosplay as SeeU character.

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