Bleach Cosplay photo Grimmjaw

Bleach Cosplay photo Grimmjaw character from Bleach anime series, bleach is japanese anime who become popular in asian (at my country too :D) i love this anime though there is some episode which made me bored with Bleach anime, and another thing which i dont like from this anime is there is always different story between main story (like when ichigo fight again arancar and espada at huse mundo, they skip main story with different story about Shinigami zanpakuto) that made me lose my feel to watch that anymore, in this bleach cosplay the cosplayer cosplaying as one of stronges hollow called espada, we can know how strong espada from number on their body, i think Grimmjaw is number eight, well im not sure already forgot about that, Grimmjow has very proud of his self power and he has dark past, hes dog hollow in the past before he eat many hollow and become espada.

Bleach Cosplay Photo Grimmjaw Gallery

I love this Bleach Cosplay photo Grimmjaw by Unknown cosplayer (i dont know whos the cosplayer name, but i got this Bleach Cosplay photo Grimmjaw from Animefact) so sorry for not including the cosplayer name here, and feel free to tell me if you guys know whos the cosplayer name, and i'll include his name here, in this Bleach Cosplay photo Grimmjaw the cosplayer seem perfectly fit with grimmjaw which i ever imagine, she has same face characteristic that made him seem fits with Grimmjaw characteristic, and i love his expression too, he look so proud with his self too here XD (that look like a real grimmjaw) and i think he has same body posture too, he has slim body and not too much muscle just fit with Grimmjaw body posture, and beside that the Grimmjaw costume on this Bleach Cosplay photo Grimmjaw seem close enough with girmmjaw espada costume, ass well with the hole on his belly :D that look like a real hole, i got this Bleach Cosplay photo Grimmjaw from animefact, visit there to see another cosplay photo.

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