Koyuki Cosplay as Mina Tepez

Koyuki Cosplay as Mina Tepez Character from Dance in The Vampire bund anime, i dont know much about this anime but i think i can give some information here (i'll take that from wiki :D), Dance in The Vampire Bund is a Supranatural romance anime, the story on this Dance in The Vampire Bund anime start from he emergence of a vampire in the world and to engender fear on both sides, and the main character in this anime is Mina Tepez, and yea in this cosplay photo Koyuki cosplaying as the main character Mina Tepez, Mina Tepez is the Vampire princess who rule of all vampires, Mina Tepez and all vampire has been hiding for many year until at last Mina get permission to establish a special district for vampires, call Vampire Bund, like i said i dont know much about this anime, and i never watch this anime, so i can give any detailed information here.

Koyuki Cosplay as Mina Tepez Gallery

Another sweet Koyuki Cosplay, i think its been long time im not post about my favorite cosplayer Koyuki cosplay photo, and finnaly i decide to post her cosplay photo today, well Koyuki always seem professional with her cosplay photo and Kojima always did great cosplay photography too, i think they are best combination to create awesome cosplay photo (though i think its rarely i got impressed with Koyuki cosplay costume) and mostly Koyuki just wearing simple cosplay costume like legular dress or casual cloth, Koyuki Cosplay photo often look very hawt with minimalize cosplay costume i think maint point of Kojima's photography object is to show Koyuki's body XD (JK), the set backgroud of book case and old wall in this Koyuki Cosplay as Mina Tepez give classical touch to this cosplay photo, and vampire is identical with classic :D, so that mean Koyuki has manage to represent Mina Tepez as Vampire princess here, i love koyuki expression on second cosplay photo, she was so expressive there, well i got this Koyuki Cosplay as Mina Tepez from Cosrain.com, that was nice cosplay site, visit there to see anothe sweet cosplay photo.

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