Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros Xmas

Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros Xmas cosplay costume, again now i got another cosplay photo from my latest favorite anime Sora no Otoshimono, Sora No Otoshimono is as echi comedy anime with light story who can made you cant stop laughting, the main character on this Sora no Otoshimono anime is Tomoki he is high school student who was heavy influence by his Gramp pervertness, this story begin when Tomoki always had a dream about a girl with angel wing and she always talk something different in every dream, and someday a girl fall from a hole in the sky right at front of him, that girl name is Ikaros, ya in this cosplay photo Midori cosplaying as one of cute angeloid who fell to eart and become Tomoki's angeloid, when ikaros came to eart she even not remmember who she is because she lost her memories, she only remember that she is an angeloid alpha type and pet class but when another angeloid come (Nymph Beta angeloid) to take Ikaros back to Synapse (angeloid's world) accidently Nymph made Ikaros remember everything.

Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros Xmas Gallery  

Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros character, well when i saw this Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros Xmas i was very jellouse to Tomoki (why that such pervert guys like tomoki has many cute angeloid like this xD) i want Midori kanda become my angeloid lol, i already post of Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros before, u can find that here, and now Midori Kanda cosplaying as Ikaros with Xmas costume and that was cute Ikaros cosplay photo, there is Crismast episode on Sora no Otoshimono anime but i never see Ikaros wearing this xmas costume in the anime, i just wondering how ikaros will look like if she wearing xmas costume and now Midori Kanda has show me how it will look like :D, but why this Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros Xmas blured? i dont know why they added blur effect on it i think that just made this Midori Kanda Cosplay as Ikaros Xmas look not clear, well i got this Midori Kanda cosplay photo from cosrain.com.

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