Naruto Cosplay Photo Sakura Haruno

Naruto Cosplay Photo Sakura Haruno character from the series, Naruto is japanese anime which adapted from the manga version with same tittle, i like this anime though i just began follow this anime again after i stop watching the anime, Naruto is Ninja era theme manga but i think all ninja in Naruto is not a human anime xD, they all always have the Unhuman skill (they skill almost like a super hero power xD) with their power i believe they even kan beat superman lol, in this cosplay photo, the cosplayer cosplaying as one main female character of the series Sakura haruno, Sakura haruno is Naruto's bestfriend and one of 7th team leaf shinobi, Sakura is Madical type ninja and she is very skillfull on using healing skill but beside her abillity to heal someone she also has Hulk power on her body xD, she can destroy everything with her puch, if i meet Sakura i never want messing up with her or i will get killed in one puch XD, i bet sakura can be a Heavy class boxing campion if she participating on that :D, well at last sakura is one of pretty girl on Naruto anime and she is Naruto's first love.

Naruto Cospaly Photo Sakura Haruno Gallery   

Another sweet naruto cosplay photo, im not sure whos the cosplayer name on this Naruto Cosplay Photo Sakura Haruno, so i'll put this on Unknown entry tag, but i got this Naruto Cosplay photo from isahuchiha DevianArt page, i think hes not the original owner of this Naruto Cosplay photo but still thanks to him for sharing this sweet Sakura Cosplay photo, in this Naruto Cosplay Photo Sakura Haruno Sakura wearing a Kimono and i its been long time i really wanna see Sakura Cosplay photo with Kimono, and this morning finally i can find this one Naruto cosplay, but unlucky i only find this one (and its so pity i even dont know whos the cosplayer name :/), i love this Naruto Cosplay Photo Sakura Haruno, Sakura Haruno seem very feminin with that Kimono, beside that the cosplayer seem fit enough as Sakura though not perfectly fit with sakura haruno which i ever imagine, and the most i love from this Naruto Cosplay Photo Sakura Haruno is her hairstyle (i really love a girl with that hairstyle XD), well i hope i can find another her cosplay photo, and its will be helpful if u can tell me whos to cosplayer name is. 

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