One Piece Cosplay Photo by JasperZ

One Piece Cosplay Photo by JasperZ Cosplayer as The sweeties girl in One Piece Anime series, in this One Piece Cosplay Photo the cosplayer name is JasperZ (i think that not her real name) she cosplaying as Boa Hancock a pirates queen and also known as the sweeties girl in One Piece, Boa Hancock is the leader of Kuja Pirates whos all their member is a girl from Amazon island (i forgot what that island name), she has great haki power, usualy she use and focused her haki on her foot so with that haki's power she can kick everything including the logia type devil fruit user, i remember when Boa Hancok kick smocker face when she traying to save luffy in war, i love this character especially when i saw Boa Hancock blushing when she thinking about luffy ^^" she look very cute.

One Piece Cosplay Photo by JasperZ Gallery

This is JasperZ cosplay photo, its my first time i post about her cosplay photo, i just know her facebook page and i found many great cosplay photo in there, JasperZ is Thailand sweet cosplayer and she did many stunning cosplay photo with stunning cosplay costume, as well with this One Piece Cosplay Photo by JasperZ, She really look like Boa Hancock with nice Boa Hancock costume too, i wondering did she make this One Piece Cosplay costume or she Buy Cosplay costume (she got many stunning cosplay costume with high detailed, that awesome), though i think JasperZ has not fit with Boa Hancock which i ever imagine they has different face characteristic but JasperZ has nice body that i think very fit with Boa Hancock body posture ^^, beside that nice editing on this One Piece Cosplay this cosplay photo seem very neat and soft nice to see, i got this One Piece Cosplay Photo by JasperZ from, but you also can find another jasperz cosplay photo in her facebook page. Sweet One Piece Cosplay Photo by JasperZ.

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