Sakura Haruno Cosplay photo from Naruto

Sakura Haruno Cosplay photo from Naruto Anime series, another sakura cosplay photo which i think one of the best Sakura Haruno cosplay ever, Naruto is a japanese comic (manga) about the Ninja era but i think the place in Naruto is not take in the world (they not in japan o.o) beside that though this anime about Ninja or shinobi but there is many modern stuff in that game such as TV, C4 explosive and etc, i like this anime because the the drawing on this anime is really my type, the cosplayer cosplaying as Sakura Haruno, Sakura haruno is one of main female character and one of naruto friend, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura is at same time 7th team and they always doing mission together with kakashi as their leader, till Sasuke leave village and betray everyone.

Sakura Haruno Cosplay Photo from Naruto Gallery  

Sakura Haruno Cosplay photo by Ishauchiha, Sakura Haruno seem more mature here i guess this is sakura when she already merried with someone (i guess Sasuke will back to konoha and married with sakura, and naruto become Hinata husban :D) that my prediction for this Naruto anime xD, i dont know whos the cosplayer name in this Sakura Haruno Cosplay photo from Naruto, but she has made Sakura in perfect form (i mean maybe sakura will look like this if she grow ^^), i got this Sakura Haruno Cosplay photo from Naruto from Ishauchiha DeviantArt page, i really want to know whos the cosplayer name i think i love her XD shes really my type (though i guess im not her type lol) she look very happy smiling like that i think she was thinking about sasuke.

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