Naruto Cosplay "Naruto Vs Pain" by Lanmeimeia

Naruto Cosplay "Naruto Vs Pain" by Lanmeimeia Cosplayer as Naruto Character, this is another Naruto Cosplay with stunning cosplay photography artwork, in this Naruto Cosplay we can see two S class ninja who fight to defeat each other, the main character is Naruto he fighting in Sage mode with made him got much power and become more powerfull than before, and his enemy is Pain, pain is the leader of Akatsuki (though in fact he's only used by Tobi) actually the real pain is Nagato who control all pain to attack konoha from far distance (pain has renegan eyes who made him can summon and control beast monster and do deadly Sealing technique), but in the end Naruto can defeat Pain and found Nagato to find out his own question about peace.

Naruto Cosplay "Naruto Vs Pain" by Lanmeimeia Gallery

well its another Lanmeimeia cosplay photo, i already post her Naruto Cosplay Photo before as Naruto in girl form, but this time she cosplaying as Naruto in sage mode and she cosplaying with her friend who cosplaying as Naruto's Enemy Pain from akatsuki, well actually i dont really like to see a cosplayer girl who cosplaying as guys character (i think thats look weird) but at some cosplay photo they look great, I love this Naruto Cosplay photography, Naruto seem cool with that Sage costume and that pain his piercing seem very real (either naruto or pain, they both look really cool in this Naruto cosplay :D) beside that their cosplay costume seem awesome, well but the most i love from this Naruto Cosplay photo is they pose and fighting scene (look at the first Picture, Naruto look like Kick pain for real his kick seem powerful o.O) and pain has nice block pose too :D, just awesome!! I love this Naruto Cosplay Photography!...i got this Naruto Cosplay "Naruto Vs Pain" by Lanmeimeia from Lanmeimeia's WorldCosplay page, visit there to see more her Naruto Cosplay.

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