Naruto Shipunden Cosplay Photo by Lanmeimeia

Naruto Shipunden Cosplay Photo by Lanmeimeia cosplayer as Sage Naruto, Naruto Shipunden is season two of Naruto manga and anime series in Naruto Shipunden all character from Naruto season one already grown into teenager version beside their age their appearance and style also has changed, etc, Sakura haruno has pink long hair in Naruto but in Naruto Shipunden she cut her hair (i love that version :D), beside that the story in the anime also become more serious with more dangerous misson there is also more complex storyline, and in this Naruto Cosplay photography the cosplayer cosplaying as Naruto in Sage version (i think sage can be mean Hermit in english), in that sage mode Naruto become more powerfull even more powerfull than her teacher Jiraya, with that Sage mode Naruto manage to defeat Pain who trying to destroy Konoha Gakure and capture him.

Naruto Shipunden Cosplay Photo by Lanmeimeia Gallery

In this Naruto Cosplay the cosplayer name is Lanmemeia, Lanmeimeia is a China cosplayer girls which actually has a cute face but i think she really love cosplaying as Naruto ^^", well i got some of her cosplay as Naruto but this time, in this Naruto Cosplay Photography Lanmeimeia cosplaying naruto in Sexy no jutsu mode :D (i love when i hear or saw Naruto's Sexy no jutsu cosplay XD) this Jutsu is naruto unique jutsu, Naruto can beat Jiraya with that jutsu (i think not only Jiraya but he also can beat me easy too with that jutsu Lol), actually there is another girl in this Naruto Shipunden Cosplay Photo by Lanmeimeia, but unfortunately i dont know whos the cosplayer name is, in this Naruto cosplay she also cosplaying as Naruto clone but with short hair (i never see Naruto's sexy no Jutsu with short hair :D but...not bad though XD), Lanmeimeia has manage to create very hawt naruto cosplay with that red yukata (i dont know that was yukata or not) well i love this Naruto Cosplay and i got this Naruto Cosplay photo from Lanmeimeia WorldCosplay page.

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