One Piece Cosplay Photo as Perona

One Piece Cosplay Photo as Perona by Taiwan Cosplayer Badandan, Perona was the Wild Zombies and Surprise Zombies Commander of Thriller Bark before the collapse of Gekko Moriah's zombie army. She is able to produce ghosts from her body through the powers of the Horo Horo no Mi, but has since begrudgingly allied herself with Roronoa Zoro, Her looks are inspired by the 'Gothic Lolita' style, with black, white and bright red. Perona's usual hair style has it tied in two high pigtails with somewhat flower-shaped black and white hairpins (and childish appearance) After the two year timeskip, Perona has a more mature look then before. Perona is seen on Sabaody Archipelago wearing a long black strapless dress with lavender ruchings, red high heeled boots and a big black top hat with a white floral decor.

One Piece Cosplay Photo as Perona Gallery

Well another One Piece Cosplay from Badandan (i guess One Piece is Badandan favorites anime ^^ she always cosplaying as One Piece Character), ya this time she cosplaying as Perona before two year Time skip, actullay Badandan seem different with perona which i ever seen in the anime, i mean i think badandan has a face that i think not fit enough with Perona personality, well that just my argument, I love this One Piece Cosplay photo, Badandan i mean the photographer has set everything well here, the background set with that classical touch and dark shade really fit with Perona abillity and Gothic style ( i think this is Perona room in anime o.o), is that Ghost really flying XD? and that ghost seem like Photogenic...i think that ghost is professional Model lol, well i wonder why chopper here XD? oh i remember Perona want like chopper and what him to become her pet (maybe not sure, already forgot this story) well i got this One Piece Cosplay Photography from Badandan's wordCosplay page, its impressive One Piece Cosplay photo!

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